Lubrizol Life Science Health Works Lean

Producing accurate parts is one thing — but doing it with as little waste as possible is a far greater challenge and the ultimate objective at LLS Health. We apply lean principles to solve problems of inefficiency, infusing value throughout the process to save you time and money.

Lean Manufacturing

By sharing information and aligning our goals with our customers from the start, we can develop the most efficient, repeatable process for manufacturing and distributing each product. Then we put that process into place, utilizing continuous improvement methods to ensure optimal results. We analyze the results of every production run daily to identify opportunities for improving quality and efficiency. Our facilities are designed to promote smooth workflow, and all of our employees share our corporate goals of reducing errors and scrap. With robust quality management systems in place, we are able to identify process failures and quickly correct them.

We also strive to achieve cost-reducing efficiencies in inventory management. Applying the principles of Kanban and leveraging strong supplier relationships enables LLS Health to maintain the right quantity of raw materials and to meet all customers’ needs in a timely manner.

Achieving your goals with efficiency is an integral part of LLS Health’s commitment to the success of your medical device.