At Lubrizol Life Science Health, we are committed to supporting our customer’s efforts in providing sustainable manufacturing solutions. We are proud to share our goals and achievements in the areas of social and environmental sustainability.

Social Responsibility

LLS Health’s social responsibility starts with the health and wellness of our employees and extends to our programs in the community. To support the health and wellness of our employees, LLS Health set and met our goal of completing two employee wellness events in 2013. We will continue to offer Health Assessment Screening and Flu Shots to support the wellness of our staff. In addition, LLS Health will host six lunch and learn events providing optional health and wellness education to our staff.

LLS Health demonstrates our social responsibility to our community through participation in United Way, Toys for Tots, and food drives. LLS Health’s Franklin, WI facility contributed over $11,000 through United Way fund raisers and payroll deductions. Our Corona, CA facility participated in Toys for Tots donating over 3.5 toys per employee in 2013. This more than doubled our participation from the prior year and far surpassed our goal of increasing our contribution by 5%.

Environmental Responsibility

Lubrizol Life Science Health consistently seeks opportunities to reduce our environmental impact by reducing both waste and energy usage. LLS Health reduced scrap on mature products by over ten percent when comparing 2013 to 2012. In addition, LLS Health improved our utility expense relative to total sales by 2%. This achievement recognizes success in increased in efficiency since growth in units produced outpaced revenue growth.