Lubrizol Life Science Health Innovations

Whether you work for yourself or a major medical device engineering company, you feel the pressure to innovate. To come up with a concept that will make a difference to your business and the healthcare industry. Maybe you’ll think of a way to save money during production or to improve usability at the point of care. Or maybe you’ll develop a solution that will change the way doctors work and how people heal. Your idea could have the power to save lives — but only if your medical device successfully reaches the people who need it.

Mechanical Drawing

Don’t let production delays and process failures get in the way of your innovation. Bring your ideas to LLS Health Innovations, our division dedicated to innovative medical device design and development. We’ll work as an extension of your team to refine your design for manufacturability. Our flexible medical device engineering group will meet at your office, in our facility or online to discuss your concept and how to optimize its clinical outcome. We’ll even expedite the tooling and medical device prototyping processes to put your part in production as soon as possible.

When you’re under pressure to innovate, depend on our resources to accelerate the way you go to market.