Lead Tubing


Cardiac Rhythm Management and Neurostimulation

Lubrizol Life Science Health’s precision extrusion solutions optimize the clinical outcome of polyurethane and silicone electro-stimulation lead tubing for active electrode applications.


Protective Covering, Biomechanical Stability, Insulation

Lead tubing is used in various active electrode applications, such as insulation to cover the electrodes used to deliver an electrical stimulus.


Implantable Lead Tubing for Active Electrode Applications

LLS Health lead tubing adheres to the highest level of precision for dimensional, surface, cosmetic and mechanical properties. In addition, the highest level of process and quality control ensure correct tolerance, surface finish and cosmetic specifications for all of our lead tubing.


Materials, Tooling, Process and Quality Control

We optimize product attributes by developing material-specific extrusion processes, tooling and controls such as surface, abrasion resistance, biomechanical properties, torque and pushability. Our annealing process helps alleviate the internal stresses and dimensional instability inherent in polyurethane tubing. Our team is well trained in inspection to ensure precision and quality.


LLS Health’s experienced technicians and engineers have extensive experience in lead tubing and understand its critical nature. We are a valued supplier to most of the leading CRM and neurostimulation OEMs in the market today. Our expertise includes:

  • Materials
    • Silicone
    • Polyester and polyether urethane
    • Aromatic and aliphatic urethane
    • Polycarbonate-urethane co-polymer
    • Polyurethane-silicone co-polymer
  • Wall tolerances ± 0.0005" (0.013 mm)
  • Annealing for stress-relief
  • Single-lumen and multilumen configurations
  • 100% visual inspection, as required