Insert Molding


All Medical Devices

Lubrizol Life Science Health’s tight-tolerence molding solutions optimize the clinical outcome of silicone insert molding applications for the medical device industry.


A Cost-Effective Option

LLS Health’s insert molding capabilities provide medical device engineers with an effective manufacturing option to eliminate costly device assembly steps, additional inspection and testing activities. LLS Health’s insert molding solutions also help design engineers achieve or enhance device functional requirements.


A secondary manufacturing process involving a molded feature that is added to a previously manufactured component rather than utilizing alternative manual bonding or assembly methods.


LLS Health designs and operates with state-of-the-art tooling built to accommodate the complex geometries necessary for superior insert molded device components. LLS Health utilizes proprietary and industry-leading processes to achieve tight manufacturing tolerances and ensure compliance with production capability requirements.


High-Quality Insert Molding

LLS Health’s experienced team specializes in a variety of molding process techniques to deliver the highest-quality product possible. Our expertise includes:

  • High bond strength
  • Experience with restricted, unrestricted and compounded materials
  • Numerous shapes and sizes
  • Extruded components: molded components
  • Molded components: molded components
  • Plastic components: silicone components
  • Steel components: silicone components
  • Cavitation to fit your budget and volume requirements