Wound Drains


All medical device applications requiring superior wound drainage device performance.


Wound Drainage Device Assistance for Trauma, Post-operative and Long-Term Wound Recovery

Lubrizol Life Science Health understands the critical nature of the wound drain market, and provides all the services necessary to support your wound drains manufacturing requirements.


A Variety of Shapes and Sizes to Support Varying Clinical Applications

LLS Health’s medical device manufacturing platform supports a full range of wound drains — including flat drains, round drains, and transition drains — using one-step, two-step and three-step manufacturing processes to meet your unique design requirements. With integrated medical assembly, inspection and packaging services, LLS Health offers comprehensive manufacturing services for ISO medical device manufacturers who require industry-leading production services to support their wound drain device requirements.


Integrated Systems, Tooling, Process and Quality Control

LLS Health has invested in the medical extrusion equipment necessary to manufacture, assemble, measure, test and package your finished device. From proprietary fixturing to industry-leading visual inspection systems, LLS Health's ISO certified manufacturing platform ensures strict adherence to your secondary process and assembly requirements, and allows you to benefit from our integrated manufacturing platform to control costs and increase your manufacturing efficiencies for your wound drainage product line. Our engineering team continues to evaluate technology options to improve your product quality while constantly exploring continuous improvement opportunities to lower your production costs.


A Full Range of Capabilities

Our expertise includes:

  • Round drains
  • Flat drains
  • One-piece, two-piece and three-piece designs
  • Secondary services including bonding, punching and printing
  • Finished device assembly
  • Finished device packaging