Medical Silicone Sheeting

The medical community uses Lubrizol Life Science Health’s medical-grade silicone sheets in reconstructive, cardiac and bariatric procedures — as well as advanced wound care / dermal applications. Biocompatible and breathable, silicone sheeting is ideal for sealing, bonding, barriers and elastometric components.

Custom Silicone Sheeting Capabilities

LLS Health will meet your exact specifications, manufacturing specialized medical silicone sheets and films in any configuration. We can handle various material formulations, durometers, thicknesses and surface textures — whether you need reinforced or non-reinforced sheets using vulcanized or un-vulcanized raw silicone.

Precise Manufacturing Process

Our superior quality standards, specialized calendered sheeting equipment and proprietary knife coating enable us to produce film and sheeting as thin as 0.0005" (0.0127mm). With our ISO-certified manufacturing platform, we ensure strict adherence to your requirements, providing verification, validation and certification as needed.

Expertise in Meeting Exact Specifications

  • Consistently maintained calendered sheeting thickness from 0.005"–0.125" (0.127mm–3.175mm)
  • Knife coating and micro films from 0.0005" (0.0127mm)
  • Laminates, either vulcanized or un-vulcanized
  • Variety of durometers, 5-80 Shore A
  • Gel sheeting
  • Multiple color options
  • Precision-controlled die cutting of components