Vesta Announces New Quick-turn Extrusion Program

FRANKLIN, Wis. (July 14, 2011) — Vesta, a global leader in silicone and thermoplastic contract manufacturing services for medical device manufacturers, is proud to introduce its quick-turn thermoplastic extrusion program.

Vesta understands that today’s global market requirements for product innovation demand a higher degree of technical support and timely response to remain competitive. To address customer requests for shorter lead times on precision extrusions, Vesta’s quick-turn extrusion service is focused on designers and engineers who need minimum order quantities with short lead times for characterization, evaluation and design iterations during the product development process. Vesta is now offering small extrusion lots in single- and simple multi-lumen configurations with standard tolerances, using dedicated extrusion equipment and standard stock thermoplastic polymers. Typical quick-turn lead times in commonly available medical grade materials will be two weeks or less.

Vesta’s quick-turn service is supported by its robust production systems, ensuring that product development can be quickly and efficiently transferred to full-scale production systems, without requiring a change in suppliers, or the need to develop new product specifications to ensure manufacturability. In addition, Vesta’s ISO 13485-registered quality management systems provide assurance that all components comply with the rigorous standards of the medical device regulatory agencies worldwide.

Vesta’s 40-year history of exclusively focusing on the medical device marketplace, with a unique concentration on processing medical grade silicone and thermoplastics, has earned the company a business relationship with hundreds of OEMs worldwide, including 22 of the top 30 global medical device manufacturers. Quality, competence and reliability are the trademarks of Vesta’s silicone molding platform, which supports customers by manufacturing more than 60 million medical devices and components annually. For more information, please visit the company’s website at, or contact your regional sales manager to receive a quick-turn quotation.

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