Medical Device Design Services

Our care for the life of your product often starts at the very beginning of that lifecycle. For many customers, Lubrizol Life Science Health is a collaborative medical device design partner who brings a practical perspective to even the earliest stages of your product development β€” where it’s most cost-effective:

  • Materials selection
  • Manufacturability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Workflow efficiency

It is here that our design services add value, with real-world consultation that maintains the functional integrity of your product and the true spirit of your vision.

Design capabilities for Thermoplastic products – Components to Catheters

Our experienced team of engineers collaborate with your design team to develop innovative products for your end device. We specialize in design and manufacture of innovative device components drug coated balloons, braided catheter shaft assemblies and complete delivery systems as per your design requirement. As pioneers in the market, we can also help you design drug device combination products.

We can support you in validation of components, sub-assemblies and full device, as well as packaging design and validations to have your devices delivered packed, labeled and ready for sterilization.

Design capability for Silicone products

With our expertise in silicone extrusion, molding, sheeting and assembly, we can provide design support for your desired product. We offer design assistance, tooling and experienced operators to ensure product functionality and to support optimal design performance and clinical outcomes. We specialize in designs for your full device validations and packaging needs of silicone products, serving as a one stop manufacturing platform.

Design for Manufacturability

CAD Designer

With extensive medical device engineering experience, LLS Health draws from a deep knowledge base when analyzing, improving and troubleshooting your medical device design. Considering both immediate and long-term production, we evaluate your design to see if it can be simplified or enhanced in any way to:

  • Smooth the transition into manufacturing
  • Improve the speed and flow of production
  • Minimize product variation
  • Make assembly faster and easier

Design for Speed

Accelerating your time to market can be the difference between project success and failure. LLS Health’s concurrent engineering methodology allows you to consider your medical device design and the production process simultaneously. Our tooling design and manufacturing capabilities and our expertly staffed, state-of-the-art CAD services are on-site and fully integrated. And our project managers are continually facilitating advancement at every stage of production. For example, our Livermore, Calif., facility is specially equipped to deliver quick-turn multilumen thermoplastic extrusions to speed your development program.

Design for Compliance

Quality means a lot of things; in medical device manufacturing, it always means strict regulatory compliance. We will work with you to flag and refine any issues that may ultimately affect the safety, ease of use and performance of your medical device. But most critically, you can leverage our vast experience and expertise navigating compliance requirements to prevent anything — from minor technicalities to major issues — from keeping your device from the market that needs it.